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The Importance Of A Multilingual Website

Importance Of Multilingual Website

The Internet is becoming an increasingly multilingual medium and that´s the reason why I´m writing this article. I want to provide an insight on why a multilingual website is so important nowadays. The E-Commerce sector is probably by far the fastest growing sector in Europe. Due to my extensive marketing knowledge working with merchants on their business goal to expand,Read the Rest…

Professional English To German Translations

Comparison - Translator vs. Translation Agency

We all know how important it is to have a very good English to German translator who can translate and/or proofread your document for a good price and with top quality. If you’re a business owner or a private client, here you’ll find details about my translation and proofreading services from English to German or German to English. My ambitionsRead the Rest…

Things to Look Out for When Choosing a English to German Translator

English to German Translator

Do you need a English to German translator, but are not sure where to begin your search or how to qualify your translator? Depending on what you want translated, there could be quite a few options while other translators that work with a different language may be more in demand. Whether you find yourself with a wide variety of optionsRead the Rest…

Is A Translator Also A Writer?

Translator and Writer

If you are considering having a website with multiple languages, you know that having a translator is necessary. Using Google translate is not a good option whenever you want to get a good translation that is easy to understand. You may be wondering if a English to German translator is also a good writer? There are different opinions on whetherRead the Rest…

How Good Are Translation Apps?

Translation Apps

Have you ever gone to a website that was written in a language other than your native language? Even if you have some clues about what the website says because you have had some experience with the language prior, it can be very confusing. This is where translation apps can be helpful. If your only goal is to quickly readRead the Rest…

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